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Dental Health TMJ


The temporomandibular joint is the one that is responsible for binding the skeletal structures of the skull and jaw, this is achieved by ligaments, muscles and the fascia of these muscles. TMJ dysfunction occurs when the hinge function between upper and lower jaw bones does not work as it was normally meant to function, or in an incorrect manner and the meniscus cartilidge disk can be displaced, causing symptoms such as mentioned below to occur. Many people suffer from TMJ or jaw joint pain. Some symptoms include clicking and popping upon opening the mouth, headaches and neck aches. Many of these problems arise due to an incorrect bite or clenching and grinding the teeth during sleep. Our teeth function like gears of a car. If the gears are not properly aligned you will soon have a whole lot of problems. A thorough head, neck and bite exam along with a history of the symptoms will usually reveal the problem. Many times a conservative treatment involving adjusting the bite, use of a nightguard to prevent clenching and grinding, and muscle relaxers can resolve the problem.

  • an estimate of 80% of all headaches occure from muscle tention and many tension headaches are related to tmj and your bite