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Comfort Dental Plan - No Insurance No Problem

Comfort Dental Plan

It’s not Dental Insurance - It’s Better!

Is there a way to make dental work more affordable?

Yes... many insurances do not cover, or cover a limited amount of cosmetic dentistry; due to this fact we have flexible financing options including the Care Credit Program. Apply online or you can apply at by phone and within fifteen minutes you may qualify for zero percent financing for your needed dentistry and can spread out the payments over up to five years. This allows you to get the treatment you want when you want it without sacrificing quality of care. It is a smart way to pay for your dental care. Major Credit Cards are accepted.

What if I don't have insurance?

We are proud to offer Comfort Dental Plan - a dental savings plan for both new and existing patients in our practice. Knowing that traditional dental insurance premiums are expensive, and that insurance benefits are extremely limited, we have created a comprehensive and customized membership program that will cover all of your preventive care, like cleanings, x-rays and exams, at 100% in our practice. And Comfort Dental Plan members also receive valuable benefits on restorative care, like fillings, crowns and implants…even cosmetic dentistry!

In today’s economy, we know that paying out of pocket can be prohibitively expensive, so we have forged this alliance to ensure that our patients have the kind of dental benefits they want and need. So now you can take care of your smile – without breaking the bank. Ask us today about Comfort Dental Plan and how it can help make dental care more affordable for you and your loved ones.

Comfort Dental Plan Details*

For only $299 per year your Comfort Dental Plan will cover:

  • 2 Healthy cleanings per year
  • All Necessary x rays
  • One annual dental exam
  • One emergency dental exam
Comfort Dental Plan subscribers will also enjoy the following benefits at our dental clinic:
  • 10% discount for major procedures including, crowns, dental implants, dentures, and root canal therapy
  • 15% discount for fillings, periodontal treatment (scaling and root planing) , and teeth whitening.

Call our office today at 305.443.2993 and start saving on Comfort Dental Care, today.
*This is an annual plan. It starts on the day you enroll and is valid for one calendar year. Plan fees and coverages may change on a yearly basis. Plan subscriber would be notified about any changes that might affect them prior to the renewal of the plan. This is not an insurance plan and cannot be combined with insurance benefits. It cannot be used with other dentist to whom we may refer. There are no refunds even if the plan benefits are not utilized during the participation period.