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Cosmetic Dentistry Bonding

Bonding – White Porcelain Fillings

White porcelain fillings are another option for great looking teeth, and the fact that they are mercury free, makes them a healthier solution. Bonding is the joining of different materials. In dentistry, the term is used to describe a number of techniques of attaching, or bonding, composite or porcelain materials to a tooth surface. Old silver fillings can be replaced with attractive white porcelain fillings for a more aesthetic and natural look. These fillings are bonded in so they can strengthen teeth as well as make them beautiful. Tooth bonding is used to close small gaps, fill in chips, and cover stains on teeth and can usually be done in a single visit. Look at the difference.

We can close gaps and give you a gorgeous new look and striking smile without any need for orthodontic devices like braces. A New Smile in one hour!

White Porcelain Fillings

Silver fillings need to be replaced because cavities form underneath them and mercury is not good for your overall health. It's amazing how replacing your old silver fillings can make your teeth look perfect, as if you never had a cavity in your life.

If you still have silver fillings in your mouth that are ten years or older, 90% of the time they have cavities underneath them that if not taken care of will keep growing. Take care of it now and eliminate the need for more extensive repair work in the future. Silver fillings were done with mercury and this has been proven toxic to the body. Scientists agree that dental amalgam fillings leach mercury into the mouth causing such sicknesses as nephrotoxicity (kidney issues), neurobehavioral changes, autoimmunity, oxidative stress, autism, skin and mucosa alterations, alzheimer's, lupus, thyroiditis, eczema or multiple sclerosis have all been linked to low-dose mercury exposure. Removal of dental amalgam leads to permanent improvement of various chronic complaints in a relevant number of patients in various trials. Mercury has been banned in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden over environmental concerns and its effect on human health. Get rid of the poison mercury from your mouth; remove the mercury fillings that leak and replace them with more durable, healthy and beautiful white fillings.


  • dental bonding can repair broken teeth or give you a whole new smile
  • tooth colored filling
  • many silver fillings could have cavities underneath them even if they don't hurt
  • dental bonding before and after